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Our Mission

give from the heart

Donations are greatly appreciated and incredibly needed. However, donating your time is just as valuable to us.  We are currently looking for people to help prepare meals, as well as shop for food and gifts, etc. Another need is communicating with local hospitals or hospice to locate those in need of our services. OR just spread the word about AGFS!

Over the next few months, we will be meeting with national hospice organizations to determine the needs of those families in desperate situations. We are also on the lookout for uber talented people! If you have a special skill or cool treat up your sleeve and you think our sponsored families may benefit from your talents-please let us know!

Urgent Projects

There are oodles of charities for disease research and medical care for those who are dealing with a terminal illness. However, with the exception of hospice, not many organizations provide comfort and support to the patient and their family during their time of coping with a terminal illness. Our goal is to show these families ..."You're Not Alone". 

Join Us

Let's turn fear & tears into Hope & smiles!

AGFS offers support during the holiday season.

For over 12 years,  

A Gift From Suzanne Foundation has devoted its energy and resources to families experiencing the "unthinkable" during the time of year that should be filled with joy and happiness.