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No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time necessary to help put a smile on the sponsored family's faces-  no matter the situation.

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AGFS takes great pride in getting to know each family we support. We always  look for ways to surprise the sponsored family with something that is special for each individual involved.



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You're Not Alone...we stand behind this statement with the utmost  level of commitment, compassion and heart. A kind soul, a thoughtful gesture.

THANK YOU for the opportunity to share my personal story with you. I created this foundation from a place of love, compassion and inspiration. My beautiful mother, Suzanne was diagnosed with cancer during the 2001 holidays. As you can imagine, this was an extremely tough time for our family. Due to my mother’s condition and our emotional state, we were unable to put together the Thanksgiving we were accustomed to hosting at our home. So, for the first time we had a catered meal delivered to us for Thanksgiving. By Christmas Eve the dust had settled a bit and she was well enough for us to go out to dinner (luckily surrounded by friends and family). Christmas Day was spent at home, in our PJs opening up an extremely modest amount of gifts. Truth be told, our family had a tendency to go a bit overboard with the gift giving prior to 2001.

But, this year was different....The greatest gift in 2001 was spending time with my mother while witnessing her incomprehensible positive attitude, her smile that lit up the room, and listening to her contagious laugh. Unfortunately, this would be the last Christmas with my mother, as she lost her battle with cancer the fall of 2002. To be exact, 9/11...the one year anniversary.

This experience opened my eyes to the millions of other families who are forced to endure the same pain and heartache we went through. Not to mention all of this sadness during a time when life should be celebratory around the holidays. In addition to the emotional state of these families struck with a terminal illness, some can’t afford a catered meal or even to give their children gifts because the illness has drained their bank accounts. Most of these families are too distraught from their situation to do anything. This is where we come in...

In conjunction with hospice and local hospitals, AGFS offers support to these families in need.  This may be hot meals, holiday gifts for the little ones, or pay a bill service. By providing these offerings, we hope to aid in the feeling of some type of normalcy during the holidays and make their day a bit brighter.  The goal is to raise enough money to provide these services in the immediate future and eventually expand to more offerings as we gain support by friends like you.

Thank you again for taking the time to read about the journey of how AGFS came to be. I also have my mother to thank for her foundation. I would obviously take that laugh and infectious smile back in a heartbeat. But, without this experience and, more importantly, witnessing what true selflessness, compassion and inspiration means, I would not have had the courage or strength to create this organization. My mother is the light inside me and her kind spirit will live on through A Gift From Suzanne Foundation.

                                                                                 With immense gratitude,



Nina Antinora

Founder + President

Denise Antinora

Vice President

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We are a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization headquartered in Wayne, NJ with support from volunteers nationwide. We are able to sponsor families located anywhere in the United States who are in need of our offerings. Please contact us if you know of a family that can benefit from our support!

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